Editorial Council

The main tasks of the SEPLN journal Editorial council are the following:

  • To check the selection of papers and to decide the contents of each publication.
  • Editorial policy.
  • Journal preparation.
  • Contact with evaluators and authors.
  • Contact with the Advisory council.

The council is made up by the following members:


L. Alfonso Ureña López
Name:     L. Alfonso Ureña López
Institution:  University of Jaén
E-mail: laurenaujaen.es


Name:     Patricio Martínez Barco
Institution:  University of Alicante
E-mail: patriciodlsi.ua.es

Journal member

Felisa Verdejo
Name:     Felisa Verdejo
Institution:  National University of Distance Education
E-mail: felisalsi.uned.es

Journal member

Manuel Palomar
Name:     Manuel Palomar Sanz
Institution:  University of Alicante
E-mail: mpalomardlsi.ua.es