Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

The SEPLN is a non-profit organization formed by numerarios parners and institutions which was created in the year 1984 whose purpose is to promove and spread every kind of activities related to teaching, research and development on the natural language processing field, on both national and intenational level.

The SEPLN’s objectives are the establishment of channels of exchange of scientific information and materials, the organization of seminaries, symposiums and conferences, the promotion of publications and the collaboration with other institutions of national or international character related to its scope of performance.

Among the main activities of the SEPLN are the organization of an annual congress, wich is attendend by a number of research group who work on the natural language processing field; the edition of a journal supported by a reader and elaboration committee which guarantee some stablished criteria of quality and periodicity; a web server with information about issues related to the natural language processing and a email service which inform about the present questions and is used as an open forum for the members.