SEPLN is aware of the progressive increase of the academic, research and business interest on the Human Languages Technologies (HLT), which is shown in the demand of workers with knowledge in HLT. Therefore, it is necessary to promote and foster the education in HLT.

Several Spanish Universities give classes in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in their grades. Also, you can study master programmes and Ph.D. programmes related to NLP in some Spanish Universities. Besides, SEPLN has organizaed the first massive on-line course in HLT, which is the web platform Miríada X and it is called MoocTLH.

The goal of this section is to draw together the masters courses, the Ph.D. programmes and other kind of course related to HLT or NLP, with the aim of promoting them and make easier to anybody interested in improving their training in this knowledge area the access to those courses.