Recognition of the scientific careers of SEPLN retired members at SEPLN 2022

Reconocimiento carrera investigadora.

The SEPLN is privileged to have researchers who are nearing the end of their careers, and who are deciding to retire. Two of these researchers has decided to retire in 2022, and the SEPLN recognised in the 38th SEPLN Conference (SEPLN 2022) their outstanding contribution to the national and international Natural Language Processing community and their collaboration with the SEPLN. The recognised researchers were:

  • Maria Antonia Martí Antonín. She has developed her teaching and research career at the University of Barcelona where she has been Professor of the Department of General Linguistics and Catalan Philology. President of the SEPLN from 1990 to 1996 and founder of the Language and Computing Centre (CLiC) at the University of Barcelona. More information at:
  • Felisa Verdejo Maíllo. Professor of Computer Languages and Systems at the UNED, pioneer of natural language processing and artificial intelligence in Spain, founder of the SEPLN in 1983 and winner of the José García Santesmases National Prize for Computer Science in 2014. More information at:

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